Erectile Dysfunction: Does Eroxel give a definitive Solution?

Erectile dysfunction can be a burden on both the partner and the man affected. Potency problems are more common as we age. This can be due to psychological stress or physical illness. PDE-5 inhibitors are effective in treating erectile dysfunction. However, natural active ingredients can also be used, as well as local aids and lifestyle changes.

According to medical statistics, erectile dysfunction affects one fifth of German men. Only 1.4 percent of men experience erection issues that are related to subjective suffering before the age of 40. Nearly seven percent of those affected are between the ages 50 and 59. The disease’s frequency peaks at over 14 percent in 60- to-69-year-old males. After that, it gradually declines due to decreased sexual activity. More and more Men suffer from Impotence due to different causes. That’s why Eroxel was designed to eliminate this problem at its root, with all natural ingredients: Eroxel Original

What are Erectile Dysfunctions and how can they be treated?

Young men reach their peak sexual performance at around 20 years old. Their sexual potency slowly declines over the next 20 years. Many men notice a decline in their erectile ability around their 40th birthday. They are no longer as stiff as they used to be and require more intense stimulation. Ejaculation can also be performed less often. These changes are not clinically significant. These changes could be due to hormonal factors, physical strain, stress and possibly partner problems.

Blurred lines between Psychological and Physical Factors

Stress and partner problems are two of the main mental triggers for erection problems. Many men in their midlife years are also experiencing a greater degree of emotional turmoil. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by anxiety or depression. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both psychological and physical causes.

Neurobiological triggers for Erectile Problems

Erectile dysfunction is always caused by neurobiological processes that are out-of-balance, regardless of the immediate triggers. In achieving an erection, there are many factors that play a part in it. These include blood circulation, penile musculature and nervous system. The cellular control of erection may not work properly if the penis’ erectile tissue isn’t adequately supplied with blood. It is possible that an erection with sufficient strength and duration to allow for consummation of the sexual act will not be possible.

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

It is easy to see erectile dysfunction. A physical cause may be present if they occur gradually. A possible psychological cause is sudden appearances of potency problems. This could be due to stress or certain circumstances. If spontaneous erections occur during sleep, it is more likely that there is a psychological cause.

Risk Factors

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to erectile dysfunction. All influences that can cause erection problems, such as those that reduce blood flow to the capillary vessels, are considered “poison”.

  • Vasoconstrictive effects can be caused by smoking and higher amounts of alcohol.
  • In a sexually active state, nicotine and alcohol abuse can also cause severe disruptions to blood flow and erectile tissue.
  • Metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and obesity can have similar consequences.

Nutrition in Erectile Dysfunction

Potency problems can be caused by dietary errors such as too much fat, sugar, and too many calories. These factors can have a significant impact on your abdominal girth, weight, blood lipid levels, blood pressure, and risk factors for heart disease, vascular disease, and adult-onset diabetes. Healthy eating habits can help prevent erectile dysfunction, and even reduce or eliminate potency problems. This is why a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and fish, is ideal. If you watch your diet, exercise regularly and add Eroxel to your diet you will notice the difference immediately: Eroxel Test